Getting to and Around the LMA

MASCO is dedicated to making it easier for everyone – patients, visitors, employees and students -- to get to and around the Longwood Medical and Academic area (LMA). Want to plan a travel route, identify points of interest or find parking? The tools in this section can help. Employees will also find information on MASCO’s LMA shuttle. Every day it reduces LMA traffic, congestion and carbon emissions by carrying 11,000 employees from public transit stations and off-site parking areas to and from work. Our CommuteWorks program connects employees with information, incentives and resources on alternative commuting methods – public transit, ridesharing, biking and walking.

As part of MASCO’s long commitment to improving access to the LMA, our area planning department works with city and state officials to plan and secure funding to upgrade public transportation, roadways and sidewalks, traffic signal timing, signage, and bicycle accommodations. For more information, see Planning in the LMA.

Karma Commuting

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Karma Commuting - What goes around comes around

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