Commuter Calculator

Commuter Calculator

Are you stressed out from driving alone? Do you want to save money
and prevent wear and tear on your car and on yourself?

Fill in the fields below to
Calculate your Commuting Savings!

Driving alone to the LMA will cost me:

My daily roundtrip mileage X 21 workdays/month = miles/month
X 58.5 cents / mile* = + $ for Monthly Parking = a month.

  • Average on-site parking is approximately $250/month. Average off-site parking is $115/month.

  • The national average cost per-mile for 2006 is 52.2 cents according to AAA.

But, if I use an alternative to driving to the LMA:

MBTA or Private Bus:
My monthly fare is/would be $ + $ for Monthly Parking
 a month.

By not driving alone I save per month.

  • MBTA Bus, $31; Subway $44; Combo $71, Commuter Rail $106 - $198

  • Parking at the MBTA station - $2.00 to $4.50 per day.  Multiply your daily parking rate X 21 working days to figure your Monthly Parking.


My total cost of driving alone is / passenger(s) = a month.
By not driving alone I save per month.


My monthly fare is/would be $ a month.
By not driving alone I save per month.


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