CommuteWorks is dedicated to helping the LMA go green by rewarding existing carpoolers and helping LMA employees create new carpools. Your ridesharing efforts can earn you $250 towards gas plus other great benefits and rewards!  


CommuteWorks Carpool Incentive

MASCO member employees who register their carpool with CommuteWorks and complete monthly carpool reports are eligible for these benefits:

For the whole carpool

  • $50 gas card for each of the first three months of participation 
  • $100 gas card after nine months of participation

For all carpool members

Click HERE to register your carpool

NuRide Rewards

In addition to registering your carpool with CommuteWorks, all carpool members should register with in order to receive additional rewards.

 Need help finding a carpool partner? is a leading ride matching system that allows commuters to quickly find carpool partners while also providing incentives to people who rideshare or use other greener modes of commuting. Once you register with NuRide, you can instantly view other potential carpool partners who share the same commute as you. As soon as you establish your carpool you will be eligible for CommuteWorks’ Carpool Incentive Program.

Play video to see step by step how to find a carpool match on NuRide.

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