Ballgame and Event Information

MASCO parking facilities in the Fenway area also serve as ballgame parking locations. These include the Ipswich Lot, Fenway Garage, Ipswich Garage, Kenmore Lot and Lansdowne Garage. During baseball season monthly parkers of these facilities must vacate by 6 pm during scheduled night games. Permit vehicles which remain at any ballgame facility after 6 pm during a night game will incur charges to their respective institution.  Please note that this does not apply to regularly scheduled day games. See ballgame schedule.

If a daytime event impacts daily permit parking, parkers will be notified by their institution parking office and/or MASCO. Permit parkers will always be accommodated for daytime parking.

MASCO offsite parking facilities (with the exception of the Crosstown Garage) are closed on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
Presidents’ Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Chestnut Hill permit parkers are required to be out of the lot during “high holiday” events that occur every year. The dates of these events vary from year-to-year. Parkers receive advance notice from MASCO and alternate parking is provided in the nearby Chestnut Hill Mall parking lot.

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